Help Shimmy Jimmy to collect as many collectibles in 60 sec.

Available Game Disk NFTs333

NFT Price6 Mi

NFT sale date24. July | 17:00 CET

Game launch25. July | 19:00 CET

Instructions Instructions

Rarity Rarity

Collect as many shimmer collectibles as possible within 60 seconds. It's that simple!
Detailed instructions

Highscore Wallet: 15 Mi

The current tangle connection
is provided by the node

🥇 MoonMorons NFT (1st - 5th place)
🥉 Game Disk - Jump 'n Run
🏅 Game Disk - Spaceshooter


Rank Soonavers Name Score
1 Diggydoong 262
2 Stinkschlitz300 256
3 emma 252
4 Powerplayer 234
5 Sebi 233
6 mikaleo 220
7 zeuseidon 212
8 bartholomaeus 196
9 Tobito_obito 192
10 Jakkeri2 180
11 JimboSlim 176
12 CptBananu 175
13 mikaa_germany 175
14 wani75 166
15 z3p 164
16 Keanu Cleve 162
17 Linuscago 156
18 huxleyi 152
19 arti 134
20 Electra 121

Game instructions
How to participate in the game

Buying IotaQuest game disk NFT on Soonaverse will give you access to the game. The game goes on for several days and of course you have as many tries as you want. To win an NFT you have to reach a certain place in the leaderboard. Each player can only be ranked in the table once. To appear in the winners table you must be logged in with your Metamask wallet during the game.

Step by Step

1. Buy IOTAQuest NFTs on Soonaverse
2. Connect to your Metamask wallet (IOTA EVM Chain)
3. Click on the thumbnail to get access to the game
4. Play the game - If your score is good enough it will be displayed in the winners table
5. If you are well placed at the end of the game, you will be notified by us a few days later.

Have fun and good luck!