JUMP 'N RUN - Welcome to the tanglge

Collect all IOTA collectibles and be the fastest in all 3 levels.
Maybe you will also find some hidden places!

Available Game Disk NFTs555

NFT Price20 Mi

Game launch27 June | 18:00 CET

Rarity Check Rarity

If you make it to the top 7 fastest players at the end and post your highscore on Twitter, you'll get an NFT. There is also a bonus prize for finding a secret room first!

🥇 Lumis (1st - 5th place)
🥈 Spaceshooter Game Disk (6th - 7th place)
🥉 Shimmer Inu PE NFT*
* First who post the hidden room on twitter


Rank Soonavers Name Score

Game instructions
How to participate in the game

Buying IotaQuest Jump 'n Run NFT on Soonaverse will give you access to the game. The game goes on for several days and of course you have as many tries as you want. To win an NFT you have to make it to the top 7. Each player can only be in the top 7 once. To appear in the winners table you must be logged in with your Metamask wallet during the game.

Step by Step

1. Buy IOTAQuest NFTs on Soonaverse.
2. Connect to your Metamask wallet (IOTA EVM Chain)
3. Click on the thumbnail to get access to the game
4. Play the game - If your score is good enough it will be displayed in the winners table
5. If you are in the TOP 5 at the end of the game, you will be notified by us.

Have fun and good luck!